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Servo Drive Systems

Servotronix Motion Control develops, manufactures and markets servo drives and servo systems while providing custom solutions developed for specific OEMs. Servotronix boasts over 25 years of experience and expertise having designed and manufactured quality products for leading global machine builders and automation system suppliers.


Our products are predominantly brushless servo drives, but we do provide servo control drives and low voltage drive for other motor types as well. Some of our customers use the term Servo Amplifier to refer to the power stage only, while others use the term interchangeably with Servo Control Drive or servo Driver. We provide servo motor controls at whichever level suits our customer's needs in the most efficient way.


The Servotronix Capability Brochure 

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The Servotronix Capability Brochure highlights a selection of standard and custom products that showcase Servotronix’s strengths and capabilities in diversed industries.


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All rights reserved to Servotronix Motion Control - the developer and manufacturer of customized and standarddigital servo drives . Servotronix specializes in AC servo drives DC servo drives  that are tailored to customers' applications and designed to meet customers' form, fit, and function and cost specifications. Servotronix is a partner of OEMs operating in diverse electronic assembly manufacturing  markets. Our Direct PWM servo amplifiers  are used in many heavy-duty machine tools. Servotronix also serves customers in the industrial robotics  industry with servo drive systems designed to fit  Google+