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Hardware and software design innovations deliver superior servo performance, high power density, simple commissioning, and extensive versatility in a cost-effective package. CDHD features a new current loop design that achieves an industry leading frequency response of 3-5 kHz. Advanced autotuning reduces tracking error and settling time to almost zero, and an innovative anti-vibration algorithm eliminates mechanical resonance. CDHD supports virtually any motor, any feedback type, and any I/O requirement. It offers seamless commissioning through ServoStudio software or direct terminal access, with all–in-one tuning of current, velocity, and position control loops.

Key Features

  • High performance control of all synchronous servo motors
  • Interfaces multiple feedback devices
  • I/O programming for any drive functionality
  • Advanced control algorithms achieve maximum machine accuracy and throughput
  • High power density in a small footprint
  • Safe Torque Off (STO)
  • Simple commissioning using ServoStudio™ GUI along with comprehensive parameterization options for optimal configuration
  • Fast firmware modifications to meet particular application needs
  • CE and UL compliance
  • Competitive price
  • 30-month warranty


ModelInput Voltage (VAC)Input Power Main CircuitCont. Current (A rms)Peak Current (A rms)
CDHD-1D5120/2401 Phase1.54.5
CDHD-003120/2401 Phase39
CDHD-4D5120/2401/3 Phase4.518
CDHD-006120/2401/3 Phase618
CDHD-008120/2401/3 Phase828
CDHD-010120/2401/3 Phase1028
CDHD-013120/2403 Phase1328
CDHD-020120/2403 Phase2048
CDHD-024120/2403 Phase2448
CDHD-003400/4803 Phase39
CDHD-006400/4803 Phase618
CDHD-012400/4803 Phase1224
CDHD-024400/4803 Phase2472
CDHD-030400/4803 Phase3090


Type TitleVersionDownload EnglishDownload GermanDownload French
CDHD Flyer6
Type TitleVersionDownload EnglishDownload GermanDownload French
CDHD Online Help - EN
CDHD Online Help - CN
CDHD Safety Instructions1.0
CDHD Quick Start Guide8.1-i
CDHD User Manual8.6
CDHD CANOpen and EtherCAT Ref. Manual6.4
CDHD VarCom Ref. Manual8.6
CDHD Pin Assignments Wiring59
CDHD Overall System Wiring21
CDHD Demo Trainng Manual1.0
CDHD Demo Flyer1.0
CDHD Functional Safety Reference Manual2.2
CDHD Safety Instructions_French1.0
Type TitleVersionDownload EnglishDownload GermanDownload French
ServoStudio GUI1.41.12.1
CDHD CANopen EDSfor fw 1.41.13
CDHD EtherCAT XMLfor fw 1.41.13
Type TitleVersionDownload EnglishDownload GermanDownload French
CDHD 2D Dimensions_DXF1.0
CDHD 2D Dimensions_PDF1.0
CDHD 3D Models_EPRT1.0
CDHD 3D Models_IGS1.0
CDHD 3D Models_STEP1.0

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