MT – General Purpose Brushless DC Motors

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Closing the price-performance gap between induction motors and high-end servo motors, MT servo motors are particularly suitable for price sensitive motion applications that require efficient servo performance and functionality.

Key Features

  • Cost-effective with excellent price-performance ratio
  • High overload capacity
  • Efficient torque performance
  • Low noise and vibration-free operation
  • Robust design with high power density
  • Up to IP67 protection class
  • Maintenance-free


ModelFrame Size (mm)Voltage Options (VAC)Power Range (W)Rated Torque (Nm)
MT-x0442120, 24050-2000.16-0.64
MT-x0660120, 240200-4000.64-1.28
MT-x0776120, 240230-3000.95
MT-x0880, 86120, 24080-7502.34-2.40
MT-x13130.4120, 240, 400, 480500-20004.78-14.32
MT-x18180120, 2401800-450019.00-28.60


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