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OFDL - Open Frame Drive

OFDL - Open Frame Drive

The OFDL presents a new level of servo drive cost-benefit ratio. It is an integrated digital servo drive designed to provide the benefits of a full-featured drive while at the same time being low-cost. The OFDL consists of a single circuit board including both the power stage and the digital circuitry. Input and Output circuitry enables the OFDL to be used for machine control functions in addition to the servo drive capability. The drive software has been designed such that additional communications capabilities such as CAN bus or ModBus can be easily added in order to meet the needs of specific applications.


Key Benefits

·         Open-frame reduces cost while allowing for direct mounting within an enclosure.

·         Modular software architecture designed to enable simple implementation of new features.

·         Additional Hardware features can be added using high-density pin header connector

·         Complete servo drive functionality in a low-cost package



AC Line Input Voltage

Continuous Output Current per Phase

(Amps RMS)

Peak Output Current per Phase

(Amps RMS)

115 - 1phase

230 - 1phase

3 phase, VAC L-L 190-230

9: With forced cooling

6: Without forced cooling

18 (0.5 seconds)



·         Primary motor feedback: Resolver

·         Auxiliary encoder feedback, for Master/Slave operation

·         Equivalent Encoder Simulation output, for interface to a motion controller


Servo Control

·         Fully digital current, velocity and position loops

·         Advanced patented sinewave commutation technology provides smooth, precise low-speed control as well as high-speed performance

·         PWM switching frequency 16kHz


Reference Command

·         12 bit Analog-to-Digital conversion for ±10Vdc operation in Torque or Velocity Mode

·         Pulse following control, configured as an encoder follower, up/down counter, or Pulse & Direction counter

·         Serial command



·         RS232 Serial Communications with ASCII protocol

·         Future options: CAN bus and ModBus


Motion Options

·         Point-to-point absolute or incremental

·         Trapezoidal or S-curve velocity profile with acceleration and deceleration control

·         Two Motion Indexing profiles in memory

·         Homing functions


Input and Output

·         Dedicated Enable opto-isolated input

·         7 user-configurable opto-isolated inputs

·         2 user-configurable opto-isolated outputs

·         Connector for application-specific I/O expansion

·         Motor temperature sensor input

·         Fault relay

·         The ODFL includes a brake relay, enabling direct motor brake control



2.7” (height) x 7.5” (width) x 7.5” (length)


Ordering Information

 ·         OFDL-02: right-angle D-sub edge connectors

 ·         OFDL-0M: vertical D-sub edge connectors

 The OFDL drive is customer-specific customized product, and can be used as a jump-off platform for your servo system solution. Please contact Servotronix to learn how we can help you with your application.


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