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OFD - Open Frame Drive

OFD - Open Frame Drive

The Open Frame Drive is a servo drive consisting of a single, low-cost board combining Power and Digital electronics and is designed to meet customer-specific cost, function and dimension requirements.
The servo drive is designed to provide up to 12A RMS continuous current from a 160 to 325 VDC bus. It can work in both Torque and Velocity operation modes. Serial communication is supported via RS232. The drive enables the OEM to control pressure process, provides real-time monitoring LCD Display support and other programming maintenance tools. The drive is mounted inside an enclosure that also houses the machine's display panel.


Key Benefits
• Designed to meet Form, Fit, Function and Cost requirements of the customer
• The customer's algorithms are embedded in the drive in object files, reducing cost for the customer while not risking exposure
• Exceptionally low-cost, and suited to the commercial high-volume application

Real-Time Data Monitoring
• Bus voltage
• Drive temperature
• Motor Current
• Pressure level
• Analog inputs


• Resolver

Servo Control
• Fully digital current, velocity and pressure loops. Mutual development with customer.
• Patented torque angle control enhances motor performance
• Accurate torque control due to precision balanced current loops with open loop sensors

Input and Output
• External LCD Display
• LED Indicator
• Pressure feedback
• Pressure set-point
• Motor temperature sensor


• RS232

Special Features

• Customer algorithms are embedded in the drive, and communicate with the servo drive firmware via a well-defined Application Interface



AC Input

Continuous Output Current per Phase

(Amps RMS)

Peak Output Current per Phase

(Amps RMS)
1 Phase 12 23 (for 0.5 seconds)


·         Power supply: 1 phase, 115 or 220 VAC Line- to- Line

·         Rated DC link voltage(VBUS): 160VDC - 325VDC

·         Logic power supply 3.3V derived from the power supply


5.25" x 6.5" 

Ordering Information

The OFD drive is customer-specific customized product, and can be used as a jump-off platform for your servo system solution. Please contact Servotronix to learn how we can help you with your application.

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