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May 21, 2011

Servotronix Israel Launches Kollmorgen KBM Series Brushless Motors


Servotronix Motion Systems  is the leading distributor of motion control products in Israel, and is the exclusive distributor of Kollmorgen, Thomson, Portescap, Dover, and Servotronix Motion Control in Israel.


NEW Frameless Motor – KBM™ Series Brushless Motors

HT Servo's wide range of frameless brushed and brushless direct drive motors has been enhanced with the introduction of Kollmorgen's KBM range of frameless motors. KBM kit models are engineered to provide hight performance, long life and simple installation that today's design engineers demand. Fully encapsulated, 14 frame sizes and 4 stack lengths per frame with maximum power ratings of between 550w to >20Kw all customizable to meet application needs.


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Go to Kollmorgen's KBM web page for a selection guide  


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